ZZ Top is a popular blues rock band from Texas best known for their two frontmen sporting long beards and sunglasses whenever they are seen in public. Their drummer, Frank Beard, ironically has no beard. Regarding their name, Billy Gibbons wrote in his autobiography "Billy F Gibbons: Rock + Roll Gearhead" that he used to live in an apartment decorated with several concert posters and flyers, including Z.Z. Hill and B.B. King. After playing around with names like Z.Z. King and B.B. Hill he ended up with ZZ Top. Their album titles are predominantly Spanish. Their songs have been used in the film Back to the Future and the controversial reality show Duck Dynasty. Their song La Grange is based on Boogie Chillen by John Lee Hooker and Shake Your Hips by Slim Harpo. Tube Snake Boogie, Pearl Necklace, and Tush are rumored to be sexual, but the band denies this.

Genres Edit

Blues rock

Hard rock

Southern Rock

Songs Edit

Sharp Dressed Man

La Grange

Gimme All Your Lovin'



Rough Boy

Tube Snake Boogie

I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide

My Head's in Mississippi

Waitin' for the Bus

Just Got Paid

Got Me Under Pressure

Cheap Sunglasses

Viva Las Vegas

Pearl Necklace

Sleeping Bag


I Thank You

Velcro Fly

Gun Love

Planet of Women

Give it Up

Parody Edit

ZZ Top appears in graphic adventure game Space Quest. After the band filed suit, later releases removed them from the game, although some releases retained the band. In the game, ZZ Top is seen performing their hit Sharp Dressed Man in a bar.

ZZ Top has been referenced several times in popular internet cartoon Homestar Runner.

Gaming Edit

La Grange was remixed for automobile racing video game Forza Motorsport.

Film Edit

Doubleback was used in the Back to the Future series.

Influences Edit

B.B. King

John Lee Hooker