Very popular and innovative symphonic rock band. Their first hit, however, was a Beatlesque song entitled Go Now. Much later, the Moody Blues would have a disco-esque hit with I'm Just A Singer In A Rock and Roll Band. Their style, however, typically involves European mythology and classical instrumentation. Jan Wenner, the executive of Rolling Stone Magazine, the owner of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, admitted to the nomination committee having laughed at a written petition to get the Moody Blues into the Hall. Every Good Boy Deserves Favour was named for a musical mnemonic used in lessons. Days of Future Passed structures its songs so the listener goes through the four seasons. The "chord" in In Search of the Lost Chord is believed to be "om" from Hinduism.

Genres Edit

Psychedelic Rock

Progressive Rock

Baroque Pop


Pop Rock

Songs Edit

Nights in White Satin

Tuesday Afternoon

Ride My See-Saw

Your Wildest Dreams

I'm Just a Singer in a Rock and Roll Band


The Voice