The Kinks are a popular pop and hard rock band in the sixties whose work trickled into the seventies, with a few pop rock hits in the eighties. You Really Got Me was successfully covered by Van Halen. Their song Lola was censored in the UK, where the line "Tastes just like Coca-Cola" was changed to say "Tastes just like cherry cola" due to British laws concerning the use of brand names in popular music. The song Come Dancing mentions a "local palais" (pah-lay), from "palais de dans". This is a French name for a dance hall.

Genres Edit

Garage Rock

Psychedelic Rock

Pop Rock

New Wave

Songs Edit

A Well Respected Man


All Day and All of the Night

You Really Got Me

Sunny Afternoon


Come Dancing

Tired of Waiting for You

Waterloo Sunset


Dedicated Follower of Fashion


Picture Book