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Nirvana was a phenomenally popular grunge band whose Nevermind helped popularize grunge in the nineties. Their frontman Kurt Cobain committed suicide at age 27 after becoming obsessed with rock stars dying at that age. Nevermind had to have its album cover censored because it depicts a naked baby underwater. Its penis was covered with a promotional sticker. They are not to be confused with the 60s band of the same name, although the two have had the occasional legal dispute. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame without original drummer Chad Channing, who regardless attended the ceremony. Covered The Man Who Sold the World by David Bowie.

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All Apologies

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Come as You Are

Lithium (I'm So Happy)

In Bloom (He's the One)

Heart Shaped Box (Hey! Wait!)

Rape Me

About a Girl (I Need An Easy Friend)

On a Plain

The Man Who Sold the World

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Weird Al Yankovic parodied Smells Like Teen Spirit with his Smells Like Nirvana. One thing he mocks in the song is how hard it is to understand Cobain due to his slurred vocals.

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David Bowie