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Originally a speed metal band, they evolved into one of the most popular thrash metal bands of all time. Their debut album had its artwork rejected due to it being too disturbing, so they changed the name of the album in response. The original image has since been put on merchandise. Every album has gone platinum, with 1991's Metallica going diamond. Live album S&M went six times platinum. Cover album Garage, Inc. went five times platinum. A collaboration with Lou Reed was a top forty hit. A soundtrack album made the top ten. Their first extended play went platinum. Numerous hit singles, especially on the rock charts, with many of them going at least gold. Most of their video albums went platinum. The band has claimed they will never perform the Super Bowl halftime show, claiming it is for pop artists only.

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Thrash Metal

Speed Metal

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Enter Sandman

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Metallica has been referenced on popular internet cartoon Homestar Runner