Phenomenally popular glam metal band. They were so popular they spawned merchandise galore, and even starred in a film. The movie was an ultimate failure. The meaning behind their outfits was that they were depicting themselves as superheroes. A rumor spread that the name Kiss was an acronym for "Knights in Satan's Service", but has been debunked. Another rumor originates from the design of the S's in the Kiss logo resembling that used by the Nazis for their SS uniforms. This has also been debunked, as the band claimed they were trying to make the S's look like lightning. Their glamorous look is influenced by the New York Dolls. Their induction was disputed for years, citing a bad relation between the induction committee and the band. Most of their albums have gone at least gold. Each member's solo album has gone platinum. Every live album has gone at least gold. They released a compilation called Double Platinum. However, it only went single platinum. Smashes, Thrashes, and Hits went double platinum. The Very Best of went gold. The Box Set went gold. Numerous hit singles.

Genres Edit

Glam Metal

Songs Edit

Rock and Roll All Nite

Heaven's On Fire

Lick it Up

Detroit Rock City

Shout it out Loud

Calling Dr. Love

Pop Culture Edit

Action figures of Kiss perform Rock and Roll All Nite in an episode of Nickelodeon animated cartoon series Kablam! during the Action League Now segment.

Kiss has been referenced several times on popular internet cartoon Homestar Runner.

Influences Edit

New York Dolls