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David Bowie was a rock musician who is credited at inventing the "glam rock" genre. His Space Oddity is considered one of the first "space rock" songs, and inspired the Elton John hit Rocket Man and the Peter Schilling "sequel" Major Tom. Paul McCartney is featured on his hit Fame. Bowie appears on the Queen hit Under Pressure, but when rapper Vanilla Ice sampled the song for his hit Ice Ice Baby, neither Queen nor Bowie were credited. This caused controversy and later releases credited Queen and Bowie. His Young Americans features the backing singers singing "I read the news today, oh boy.", a line from The Beatles song A Day in the Life. His popularity continued into the eighties and beyond, including providing the soundtrack to the film Labyrinth, in which he starred. Phenomenal in his native Britain. Album Ziggy Stardust went gold. Diamond Dogs went gold. Young Americans went gold. Station to Station went gold. Let's Dance went platinum. Tonight went platinum. Never Let Me Down went gold. David Live went gold. Changesonebowie went platinum. Sound + Vision went gold. Changesbowie went gold. His best of went platinum. Numerous hits throughout his career. Fame went gold. Let's Dance went gold. Video album Best of Bowie went platinum. A Reality Tour went platinum. Performed with Iggy of The Stooges, Lou Reed and Mott the Hoople. His The Man Who Sold the World was successfully covered by Nirvana.

Bowie passed away January 10, 2015 after a long battle with cancer.

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Glam Rock

Pop Rock

Post Punk

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Space Oddity


Rebel Rebel

Golden Years

Let's Dance


Ziggy Stardust


Suffragette City

The Jean Genie

The Man Who Sold the World

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David Bowie has been referenced several times in popular internet cartoon Homestar Runner.

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Heroes was used as the theme song to NHL 99.