Boston is a very popular hard rock band whose debut album sold phenomenally well upon release. Their album artwork is known for featuring a spaceship. The riff of their signature song More Than A Feeling is taken from Louie Louie by The Kingsmen and the chorus is influenced by Walk Away Renee by The Left Banke. Their success has led people to criticize their omission from the Hall of Fame. Their debut album has so many classic rock staples it can be considered a greatest hits. Despite this the band has an actual greatest hits, which obviously is mostly comprised of songs from their debut album.

Genres Edit

Hard rock

Progressive Rock

Pop Rock

Songs Edit

More Than a Feeling



Rock and Roll Band


Cool the Engines

Don't Look Back

Peace of Mind

Long Time

Feelin' Satisfied

We're Ready

It's Easy

Cant'cha Say

Hitch a Ride

Let Me Take You Home Tonight

Something About You (It Isn't Easy)

Influences Edit

The Left Banke

The Kingsmen

Parody Edit

Matt Chapman of Homestar Runner fame claims to have gotten confused about the Boston album covers and the covers of arcade game Space Invaders.